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What’s it like being a Care Assist Employee ?
We hear why the group do their job, what Reablement means, what motivates them and why the job is so rewarding.

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For Clackmannanshire name 01259 226833 – ask for the coordinator
For Stirling City name 01786 237880 – ask for the coordinator
For Stirling Rural name 01786 237906 – ask for the coordinator

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We want to say a large thanks to everybody who gifted their time, you could have contributed to a help employee showcase movie that basically packs a punch, exhibits what an unbelievable job you and your groups do, and I hope you possibly can proudly share your movies, they’re all right here !

Anna Man
AnneMarie Inexperienced
Ashleigh Hunter
Carolyn Wyllie
Charlotte Stirling
Claire Honeyman
Danielle Duguid
Gail Tripney
Holly Hunter
Judy Stein
Linda Struthers
Robert Bamford
Sandra Davidson


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