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The Best Direct Sales Craft Companies to Join


Do you love to create? If scrolling through the craft ideas section on Pinterest and ending the day covered in paint is your idea of a good time, why not make some cash out of it? Direct sales roles at craft companies offer the opportunity to spread the love of crafting and earn an income too.

Crafting is indeed a fun hobby, but it can also be a way to create a side hustle or even a full-time income. While you can try your hand at selling your handmade creations on Etsy or at craft show booths, direct sales companies offer another opportunity for people to make money doing what they love.

In this post, we will look at direct sales craft companies, what each offers, and what you can expect in terms of earnings or start-up costs.

Flat lay of woman's crafting station with creative scrapbooking supplies

9 Direct Sales Opportunities at Craft Companies

While Avon and Mary Kay are still some of the most well-known and loved direct sales companies, the industry has come a long way since those days and offers tons of opportunities outside of makeup and cosmetics for work-at-home moms. Direct sales have expanded into many niches that can offer anyone exciting, creative businesses, one of which is arts and crafts.

The direct sales crafting industry is booming as more and more people discover the joys of working from home and spreading the joy of creating. The best direct sales crafting companies are easy to get started with and offer plenty of opportunities for creativity as you work! Here are nine arts and crafts MLM companies to consider.

1. Crimson Pallets

As the name hints, Crimsom Pallets offer pallets and other wood designs as well as kits to use at sign painting parties. They have over 100 original pallet designs available and are continually coming out with more, so the options for demonstrating are plentiful.

You can even market your services as a fundraiser or team-building opportunity.

How to Join 

To become a Crimson Pallets affiliate, you’ll need to fill out an interest form. Get more info about how to join Crimson Pallets here