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Idiots in cars top highlights, Thursday, December 29, 2022


Defend your self from idiots in automobiles! Store dashcams right here:
0:00 : Foggy Christmas evening + Safety automobile with one headlight on the flawed facet of the street.
0:25 : This occurred on my road right now. Quite a few autos (and a fence) totaled.Not sure if driver was impaired, somebody had adopted him as a result of they observed he was driving erratically previous to this. Fortunately nobody was outdoors.
0:36 : That is the second time this fool has finished this as I’m coming house for work
0:59 : Christmas Eve miracle this fool did not trigger a large accident…
1:16 : Fool in a automobile stops in the midst of the street
1:49 : “Massive automobiles do not nook effectively” just isn’t a legitimate excuse for this.
1:59 : I used to be the automobile that just about hit the fool that had a pink gentle however determined to nearly kill us each
2:26 : Ice ice child! Safety footage of my Tundra getting hit on 23 Dec. OC
3:04 : Florida.
3:18 : Pink lights are non-obligatory…
3:27 : Fool honks at me whereas I await a passing ambulance then one other driver cuts me off (nsfw language)
4:49 : Simply hold inching, simply hold inching
5:07 : Discovered my first fool good factor I noticed him coming!
5:22 : Hit & run crash
6:57 : Hialeah FL drivers displaying us find out how to flip from the left lane
7:05 : Fool pulls over, then performs a “No Look U-Flip”, proceeds in charge the car they then hit. In fact its a BMW.
8:01 : Fool pulls out in entrance of THREE semis in the dead of night on I-95 and almost causes a pileup
8:47 : I am undecided whether or not in charge the fool behind the wheel, or the idiots that design the gear selectors in lots of new automobiles. Deciding on impartial shouldn’t be that troublesome.
9:52 : Fixing their van in the midst of the street with none backlights or warning forward
10:18 : One other Florida Fool. (Sorry in regards to the sticker, I do know I want to maneuver it)


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