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10 Ridiculously Common Things Women Do That Completely Baffle Men


Whereas having fun with my each day scroll, I encountered a query in one in all my favourite web boards with solutions that made me chortle. The query was directed towards males, “What’s one thing we ladies try this baffles you?” Listed here are the top-voted responses.

1. Speak Comfortable, Then Get Offended

Somebody shared, “Speak like we’re sitting in a library after which get mad after I could not hear what you stated.” One other added, “My spouse all the time turns away from me as she’s speaking, and I do not catch what she says, and she or he will get so mad at me. Glad to listen to I am not the one one with this affliction.”

Lastly, a 3rd acknowledged, “Speaking at low quantity immediately into an open kitchen cupboard is my spouse’s specialty.”

2. Take Without end to get Prepared, Then Rush You

“Take no matter time you should prepare, whether or not half-hour or three hours, then rush us after we’re about to depart to place our footwear on,” one man recommended. “After which when you get your footwear on, having been prepared for half-hour simply ready to lace them up, she wants one other 5 minutes of shuffling with baggage and stuff when you’re standing by the door, keys in hand,” a second added.

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3. Hair Loss

“What number of hair strands do they lose per day? It is rather a lot,” replied one. One other shared, “I dated a lady together with her hair dyed brilliant, sweet apple pink. That stuff would weave its means into my clothes and be noticeable as a result of it stood out a lot. There have been tumbleweeds of it in my place. It was nuts.”

A 3rd reminded everybody it is not about gender, “It is a long-haired particular person factor, although, not a lady factor.”

4. Hair Clumps on the Bathe Partitions

“How they stick these clumps of hair to the bathe partitions,” replied one. “Moderately they’re swirled onto the wall than clog the drain. However wow, that is humorous. Every relationship I’ve had has included repeatedly cleansing hair off the bathe partitions. I did not even give it some thought till now,” one other confessed.

5. How A lot They Share With Associates

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One particular person stated, “It all the time baffles me how a lot they share with their mates, particularly round grownup relations. As somebody who’s labored with many ladies, that they had me straight blushing a couple of instances, and I am removed from a prude. They assume guys all the time speak about grownup relations, however normally, ours is restricted to – Yeah, we connected.”

6. Flirting and The Indicators

“The indicators, it is exhausting to know whether or not somebody is hitting on you. Lately, I believed my Door Dash driver was flirting, however it’s not possible to inform,” one man confessed. “YES. And so they all assume they’re being extremely apparent. For instance, one lady will smile and assume she’s being flirtatious, and you are a dummy for lacking it.”

“In the meantime, one other lady will rub your arm and relaxation her head in your shoulder, however she’s simply being pleasant, and you are a dummy for pondering there’s extra to it,” agreed one other.

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7. The Battle For Me Method

“Considering that ‘battle for me’ is a sound strategy,” replied one. “I as soon as had a lady flip me down for a second date. I needed her effectively and went on about my life. The following time we met, she was tremendous standoffish and impolite. I requested one in all her mates about it, and she or he stated ‘she’s been complaining that you just did not battle to your love.”

“She had a tremendous time on the primary date and had been choosing out locations for you two to trip collectively.’ Much less of a bullet dodged and extra like a Mack truck.”

One other confessed, “Legit had a convo with a lady who informed me she had a man ask her out however stated no as a result of she needs him to place extra effort into it—baffled after I informed her that it’s mistaken on many ranges. Significantly? Are you able to inform the distinction between no and no?”

8. Being Mad for Desires

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One particular person acknowledged, “Being mad at me for one thing “I” did in your desires.” A second shared, “My spouse would not get mad, however she’ll get visibly distraught the subsequent day. One time I awoke in the course of the evening to her ugly crying as a result of she had caught me with a lady named ‘Loren’ in her dream(spelled exactly that means, in keeping with her).”

9. Dressing for the Arrival and Not the Event

“How they do not gown for the event. They gown for the arrival. After which after 5 minutes, they are not snug,” answered one. One other shared, “Going to varsity in a state with winters. Women will put on mini skirts, heels with a crop when it is 15 levels out, and no jacket as a result of they do not need to have to hold it round/have it get stolen within the membership/bar. It is loopy.”

10. Pillows

Lastly, somebody shared, “Pillows. A mattress for 2 folks wants eight pillows. Why? Sofa seats 4. Twelve pillows. Visitors come over. Transfer the pillows. Cleansing? Transfer the pillows. Straighten pillows and fluff pillows.”

“Complain pillows aren’t the proper shade. Purchase new pillows. Hold previous pillows. Organize pillows – previous and new. By shade, ruffle, design, thickness, softness, emotional attachment, place of buy, and vibe. It is like a Dr. SUESS guide of pillows.”

We hope you loved this Reddit picks record of issues ladies try this baffle man.

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