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10 Movies You Will Want to Watch Over and Over Again


It takes a particular attribute of attraction and quotability to have sufficient rewatch worth to maintain watching over and over. We discovered this record of customers commenting and upvoting the perfect motion pictures that may be watched virtually on loop. What’s your favourite film that you would be able to simply hold watching?

1. Terminator 2

Picture Credit score: Tristar Footage.

“T2, by no means get bored with it” Stated one, one other added “The scene the place Arnie goes ‘get down’ is so mind-blowing to me. You must do not forget that the viewers had NO IDEA that Arnie was the great man in T2.”


2. Ratatouille

Picture Credit score: Disney Enterprises.

One person mentioned, “I like this film. It is very fascinating but in addition very calming.” One other chimed in, “Most sensible depiction of a kitchen of any film, in my view.”


3. The Blues Brothers

Picture Credit score: Common Footage.

One particular person opines: “It’s 106 miles to Chicago. We’ve bought a full tank of fuel, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s darkish, and we’re sporting sun shades. Hit it.”


4. The Princess Bride

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

One person mentions how comforting it’s “I really watch this at any time when I’m sick and I don’t actually know why. I get myself a bowl of soup, snuggle up beneath some blankets, and deep dive on the web for it.” Then, on queue, one other replies, “Inconceivable!”


5. Blackhawk Down

Picture Credit score: Revolution Studio.

This could get much more love such an epic film!!” One Redditor lamented.

6. Die Arduous

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Fox.

“Die Arduous. Watch it each Christmas.” Says one. Is it a Christmas film? Is it not? Nobody is de facto certain anymore.”


7. The Large Lebowski

Picture Credit score: Working Title Movies.

One person feedback, “The dude abides.” If you happen to can stroll into any room and never suppose, “that rug actually pulls the room collectively,” likelihood is you haven’t watched The Large Lebowski sufficient.

8. Large hassle in little China

Picture Credit score: twentieth Century Movies.

A type of motion pictures which can be so dangerous it’s good. “‘Like I informed my first spouse, honey, I by no means drive quicker than I can see. After that, it is all within the reflexes’” quotes one.


9. O Brother The place Artwork Thou

Picture Credit score: Touchstone Movies.

We thought you was a toad” reminisces one Redditor. “DO!….. NOT!….. SEEK!…. THE!…… TREASURE!!!!!” replies one other.


10. Tombstone

Picture Credit score: Buena Vista Footage.

Perhaps poker’s simply not your sport, Ike. I do know! Let’s have a spelling contest!” says one. One other provides, “Over and again and again…….”

We hope you loved this Reddit picks record of flicks you’ll be able to watch over and over.


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